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One Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

Video Production Company in Birmingham, London & Manchester
We Produce Innovative Videos Across a Wide Range of
Brands, Industries & Platforms

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words… With a one off investment we will create ‘free for life’ video advertising, boosting your brand & accelerating sales. When you choose our video production company, you are guaranteed to receive powerful promotional videos that will educate your customers and boost sales. HD video is the most powerful search engine optimization catalyst, boosting Google search ranking and providing unlimited worldwide showcase opportunities. Within our state of the art video production department, we have the technology and diverse specialist team to realize any mission. We work across the world, with offices in London, Birmingham, New York, Marbella and Los Angeles. We are an experienced company, with a high level of expertise in video production.

Video is Where your Customers are Spending their Time

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Your Business Deserves a Spotlight

We Produce Rich Visual, Engaging Videos

that best reflect your business’s personality and customer base.

We Guarantee... Our Innovative Video Concepts will Catapult your Business to Success

Video is where your customers are spending their time, therefore working with a skilled member of our video production team; you can engage with this growing audience, enhance your google position and enhance sales.

Video, A World of Infinite Possibility for your Brand

We Produce Rich Visual, Engaging Videos
Productions that Best Reflect your Business’s Personality and Customer base.


Educate your Customers &
Accelerate Sales

Online video
will educate your customers & accelerate sales opportunities with this dynamic marketing tool…
“Video; simple, idealistic, priceless marketing.”


Boost Search Engine

Video production boosts your position on ALL search engines. Online video acts as your 24/7 sales representative, helping your company network and convert sales.
“A one off investment creates free for life advertising”


Worldwide Brand

Share your videos via your sales team, emails, website, social media, youtube, industry exhibitions, presentations, promotions…
“Video; the showcase opportunities are endless”

Websites with Video are 53 Times more Likely to Appear Page 1 on Google

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Full Service Video Production Agency

Bringing Your Brand to Life…

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“Powering Marketing Video Innovations Across a Wide Range of Brands Industries and Platforms”

Madison One Media

Your Bespoke Video Production
“A World of Infinite Possibility for Your Business”
When you commission our company to produce your video, you have our undivided attention. As a full service video production agency our expertise in story telling will give you the edge in your industry. We have offices throughout the world and can tailor our service to your target audience’s location due to this. We have experience targeting the US from our Los Angeles and New York offices, the UK from our London and Birmingham offices and Europe from our Marbella offices.

Video… Bringing Your Brand to Life


Business Documentary
& Corporate Video

The way your clients expect to communicate with your Business has changed, a short
high impact Corporate Video will educate and engage via rich visual stimuli…
idealistic priceless marketing.


Testimonials & Customer
Service Videos

Testimonial video productions, capturing case studies and client experiences, raises brand awareness and industry authority whilst creating emotional involvement. Customer service videos act as your 24/7 brand representative, providing service excellence.


Training, Demonstration
& How-To Videos

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, affirming clarity of information providing the ability to visualise facts & techniques in a simple manner. One off investment in a video production from an knowledgeable company, provides free for life communication.

Captivating Productions… Idealistic Marketing

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Full Service Video Production Agency
We Produce Innovative Videos Across a Wide Range of Brands, Industries and Platforms


Motion Graphics &
Explainer Videos

Video has quickly become an essential element for the success of any promotional website or communication. Our professional graphic designers & animators visualise and deliver extraordinary presentations through visionary graphics, providing captivating informative productions.


3D Animation &
Educational Videos

3D animations are the most dynamic and educational platform to demonstrate complex explanations in an engaging visual method. 3D animations & Educational videos provide your company a communication method to illustrate products, processes & systems.


Events, Conferences &
Live Action

We ensure that every project is serviced by our professional production crew, armed with state of the art technology, equipment and expertise. Devoted to crisp and professional video production, we provide you with the most powerful, bold and distinctive lifelong communication channel.

Bespoke Video Innovations


Product Launch Videos & Online Commercials

Video is where your customers are spending their time, by working with a leading video production company in London, Birmingham, the US and beyond, you can now engage with this growing audience, enhance search engine position and boost sales. Showcase your brand, products and services in your dynamic video production. We guarantee our innovative concepts and solutions will catapult your business to success.


Showcase Your Business,Premises, Products, Services & Staff

Raising brand awareness using marketing video production is the most powerful, engaging and memorable media available at your client’s fingertips 24/7, 365 days a year. We understand the importance of communicating your message to your clients; we work with you to share your mission statements captivating a worldwide audience.



Capturing your exhibition stand, branding and latest innovations provides a lasting marketing and promotional tool which allows for worldwide access to your brand, event association and recognition, ensuring your message and event investment providing long term brand awareness.

Our Mission is to Go Above & Beyond Your Expectations

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Communications & Human

Internal communications provides the same boundaries as promotional & marketing campaigns, eye catching video production ensures that your message and information is digested and utilised. Video is the most engaging and cost effective way to ensure streamlined uniformed communication, avoiding misinterpretation.


Not for Profit & Public

Every organisation has a story, we are experts at utilising video to communicate your message, improve communications and define your target audience, creating innovative marketing strategies that will win the hearts & mind of your audience.


360 Photography, Aerial
Videography & Underwater

360 degree photography provides cutting edge interaction with your content, showcasing your products, premises & much more from every angle. Aerial video production powered by industry leading innovators creates a bird’s eye view of your subject, providing a dynamic visual stimuli. Underwater videography captures your underwater footage in the most artistic & unique way. As a company we have the equipment and expertise to create breath taking video production that will capture the opinion of your target audience.

Innovative Video Marketing Strategies

A World of Infinite Possibility for Your Brand

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Andy Mathias
Product & Marketing Manager

“Thank you to Madison One Media for a fantastic job filming us and presenting us all in a very good light, you made us all feel at ease, very professional and efficient service.”


Corporate Video Production Birmingham Client Case Study BriStor& Scottish Power

BriStor/Scottish Power commissioned Madison One Media to produce a corporate video production that was both visual yet highly informative video production to showcase and educate a national audience as to the features, benefits and Health and Safety recommendations for drivers utilising their latest high tech vehicles. The suite of corporate video productions Madison One Media produced for BriStor/Scottish Power encapsulated the client’s specification whilst elevating the productions to a cinematic style creating a 360 visual enhancement of each of the vehicles in the comprehensive fleet.

scottish power


“The quality of the production and the efficiency of the production team, were first class, the whole process was handled efficiently by Madison One. Given this was our first foray into film production, Madison one managed and executed the production and post-production to an excellent standard. We will be using them for all our future requirements and would not hesitate to recommend them.”


Deborah Mitchell, Royal Therapist

“Madison One Media are the best, we would recommend them 100%, their work is outstanding!”
Madison One Media & Worldwide Style TV Worldwide Produced a Commercial, covering Heaven Skincare’s Worldwide Collection launch at the Langham Hotel London.


Captivating Productions… Idealistic Marketing

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Fiona-Jane Kenworthy, Marketing Manager
Central Medical Supplies Ltd

“Thank you Madison One team for producing such a fantastic video animation for Dr Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles.

Your team were very creative in design and you all worked in a timely manner. It was also a delight dealing with your creatives, being able to build up a working rapport. I am delighted with the finished creation, which has already been accepted onto the website of one of our major customers.”
3D Animated Commercial to Promote and Showcase Dr Brown’s Innovative Technology


Rider Levett Bucknall
Corporate Video Production Birmingham

Rider Levett Bucknall commissioned Madison One Media with a concept to create a corporate video production to communicate a fundamental core value of their brand, and to demonstrate via a powerful medium the relevant applications of an ongoing initiative. Using video for internal communications was the most impactual way to visualise a key topic, Particularly in light of the international brand and global employees.


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